Instructional Classes

Classes are not unusual for bike shops, but they are often random and cover only the basics. Here at NOC, we are scheduling a regular series of classes that, like others, covers the basics (flat repair, minor tuneups, bike checks) but in addition to these we are offering classes that include cable/housing replacement, drivetrain replacement, hydraulic brake bleeding & adjustment, suspension repair, including replacing seals & oil in your suspension forks.

For those who want more, we are going to offer a class on building bikes from the frame up, going through each step it takes to safely and successfully build a bike.

Our classes are scheduled on a quarterly basis but they fill up fast. Take one or take the entire series.

COVID UPDATE: We have suspended class gatherings until we feel we can keep ourselves and our customers safe. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know when we our classes are available again!

Youth Bike Maintenance Class

Learn about:

  • Brakes
  • Shifting gears
  • Seat height
  • Fixing flats
  • Lubing chains
  • Cleaning your bike
  • Hydropack essentials

~ ~ B r i n g Y o u r B i k e ~ ~

Ladies Only "Fix It" Class

Wine - Cheese - And Bikes!

You will learn:
  • how to conduct a full bike check (shifting, brakes, tires)
  • how to change flat tires
  • how to make on the road or trail adjustments
Going Tubeless

Going Tubeless

There are numerous benefits of tubeless tires on the mountain bike trail; better traction because of lower tire pressure, shaving weight as tubes weigh more than sealant, pinch flat reduction, puncture reduction, and time saving because you aren’t changing flats.

This class will cover:

  • Difference between a tubeless rim and a non-tubeless rim
  • Difference between a tubeless tire and a non-tubeless tire
  • What you need to convert a non-tubeless rim to a tubeless
  • How to apply sealant, tubeless valves, and seat the tire
  • On-going maintenance suggestions

(OPTIONAL: if you have a wheelset you’d like to convert, bring it to class and we’ll help you assess what you’ll need)

Local craft beer and snacks will be provided.

You do NOT need to bring your bike to this class, just a great attitude!

Limit - 10 people