Coming Soon


When our trails are built and ready to ride, we will be offering mountain bike progressive skills development courses. After Covid-19 calms down and we can insure the safety of ourselves and our customers, we will once again be offering bike fix-it classes (see Maintenance & Repair Classes for our current list), and we also plan to have a custom bike building instructional series for those interesting in building their own bike from scratch.

Mountain Bike Resort

We are currently building trails throughout the property for a private mountain bike resort. See The Landing for the latest pictures of our progress. Members will have access to the trails, skills area, pump track, and the Silver Creek Lounge. At this point, we are aiming for a Spring 2022 opening.

Jewelry, Art, Coffee.

Biking inspired jewelry and art will be added to our offerings.

Like coffee? We sure do. Kelly and Heidi will be roasting coffee and bringing delicious bean varieties with the Night Owl Cycling brand. Think...Downhill Decaf...Road Rash Roast.

Silver Creek Lounge

Our new shop will feature a large lounge area including a stage, a bar, conference tables, and bathroom. NOC is dedicated to giving back to our community and helping people and causes in need. We’ll be hosting a fun filled event every month (featuring local artists & musicians) in the Lounge with donations going to our nonprofit pick of the month. The Lounge will also be available to rent for parties, celebrations, and corporate events.